About Joyce Properties:

  • We are a small, privately owned company dedicated to respectful and respectable student leasing in Ann Arbor, MI.
  • We treat our student renters like clients and equals, and pride ourselves on providing high quality campus housing.
  • We enjoy working with our tenants to make our houses comfortable, fun living spaces that feel like homes, not temporary places to crash.
  • We have several properties available that are close to University of Michigan's central campus and downtown Ann Arbor.
  • Our goal is to have happy tenants who like renting from us.  We work hard to not only maintain our properties, but regularly improve them.

Our Promise To Our Tenants:

  • We will not charge you to let you back into your own house when your housemate locks you out.
  • We will not stop by without calling.
  • We will not send out our handyman early on Saturday mornings without your ok and never on game days.
  • We ARE open to your decorating and property improvement ideas.
  • We DO want you to feel at home and happy in your house.